Batteries at Challenger Ford

Here at Challenger Ford, we stock a large range of Exide Batteries. All Exide batteries come with a great warranty period. Speak to us about a complimentary battery condition test and if your car battery does need replacing, we can install a brand new Exide battery while you wait.

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Exide Extra

Exide's premium product. This battery uses Calcium/Ag9 Silver Alloy Sealed Maintenance (SMF) technology making it perfect for the high electrical demands of late model vehicles. Backed with a 36 month warranty.

Prices from $127*

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Exide Endurance Plus

Exide's mid to upper end brand incorporates the same SMF technology as the Exide Extra. The Exide Endurance Plus range comes with a 24 month warranty and is suitable for popular European model cars as well as Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon models.

Prices from $121*

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Exide Endurance

Exide's entry level battery. The Endurance range is sealed and maintenance free ensuring that once your battery is installed, you do not need to worry. Comes with a 24 month warranty. These batteries suit popular small cars such as the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Pulsar, Suzuki Swift, Ford Focus and Hyundai i30 amongst others.

Prices from $93*

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Exide Extreme

Exide's premium 4x4 and commercial battery - the Extreme range is a maintainable battery meaning you can top up as required helping extend your battery's life. Hybrid technology is utilised to help with starting and cycling use. Comes with a 24 month private use warranty. These batteries suit popular 4x4 makes from Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Range Rover.

Prices from $189.70*

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Exide 4x4 and Commercial

Exide's has a great range of batteries to suit 4x4 and commercial vehicles. There are both maintainable and sealed models available, depending on the model, a 12-24 month warranty is available. Batteries in this range will suit popular 4x4 models such as Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser.

Prices from $149*

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*Includes GST. Excludes fitting